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Design & Concept

The new symbol of the city, Selçuklu Residences....

Yusufağoğlu Architecture

Pöhrenk Architecture

The elements that affects the design;


The structural solution of the commercial and residential complex that will be on the land area with a valuable location and importance was solved on a horizontal and vertical platform by separating them from each other. In this logic about an important subject, we aimed to reflect the different shades and colour changes by the combination of the transparent glass in material choice and white colour with the daylight, for the physical value that will be created by the highest building to be constructed in the city of Giresun to be able to form harmony and demonstration with the environment.


We aimed to integrate the monumental plane tree on the land with the building, to create a tree guard and to make an area where you can relax and spend time under its shade. The horizontal mass (city terrace), which forms the commercial block, is made available for use by the residences and a green area and playground are positioned on that. Therefore, we aim the ground of the residential block separating from the soil to rise again on the green area. The residential block was located in the middle point of the area after thinking its striking effect on the coastal road and the location of the plane tree.


Structural solutions;


As a result of the ground analysis, the commercial and residential block will have a solid ferro-concrete system placed on an extremely rigid solution with pile foundations.

It was founded by Ahmet Yusufağaoğlu in 1984. It continues its architecture activities in Giresun.

It was founded by M. Sadık Pöhrenk in 2008. The company continues its architecture and interior design activities in Antalya.









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